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14-4-11 Hotel Florenc website is on the air
12-4-11 Hotel Vitkov website is on the air
27-02-11 Ein Gev Holiday Resort website in on the air
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SilverTravel Company is Israel's leading software developer in the field of hospitality E-Commerce systems.

Founded in 2005, SilverTravel's objective is to develop advanced solutions that serve as an innovative platform for booking on-line hotel rooms in real-time."There's a significant importance in maintaining a real-time communication between systems generally and hotel management systems specifically, as the occupancy and the room rates of the hotel can change at any given time. On line, real time booking system is always updated on the dynamic information and saves time and costly human resources." (Yaniv Meirov, CEO)
SilverTravel creates numerous internet solutions in the field of hospitality from the basics of building the hotels’ websites, connecting to the hotels' management systems and to marketing and SEO (Search Engines Optimization) services."We believe that attention and intensive cooperation between the teams of hotel and SilverTravel leads to substantial achievements in the hospitality market." (SilverTravel Team's Agenda)

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